On Change - Sunday Oct 29th

Join us as we hear from a family that went though a profound change. They'll share the journey, what they learned, and how it set them on a new course. 

ALL DONE On Endings - Sunday June 25th 

Now with Sunday Sessions Junior

During this Sunday Session we'll hear from a variety of speakers on the topic of endings; the little ones and the one big one (that's code for death). We're going deep, but keeping it light on a topic that is confusing, confounding, a source of comfort for some, and a source of fear for others. 


Malcolm Saunders has been deeply exploring the field of food and nutrition for 20 years. Through his videos, workshops and seminars he has helped thousands of individuals recreate their relationship to food. Malcolm’s desire is to inspire others to live and eat from a space that honours the sacredness of all Life, illuminating the power of influence our food choices have on ourselves, other beings, and the planet we live on.You can also find his work at thelightcellar.ca and malcolmsaunders.com

Janine Violini is a second-generation Canadian of Italian heritage whose family stayed true to their cultural fervor for funerals. The normalization of death within her community fostered an early and enduring respectful curiosity. It was also the inspiration for her to complete her Certificate in Thanatology. The resulting growth inspired them to develop workshops and webinars to bring death to life in others. You can find her work at crowsinarow.com and deathcafe.com.


Make Sunday Sessions a family affair with Sunday Sessions Jr. presented by Roots and Wings Events. There will be crafts, games and other fun activities to entertain your little ones. Children of all ages welcome. 



All Done - Values with Drew May 28th

We live in a world that is constantly offering up competing versions of what and how to value ourselves, our lives, and the lives of those around us. In his Sunday Session Drew Gillson is going to talk about the importance of choosing our own values instead of blind acceptance of the ones that are offered up to us. He'll share how choosing to live based on his own set of values changed his life, and he'll offer up some advice on how he learned to navigate the complex situation that arose as a result. 

Drew is a an avid outdoorsman, tech enthusiast and one of the founding parters of Live Out There, an online retailer for outdoor gear based in Calgary. 


All Done - Freedom with Dr. Cara Conroy-Low, April 30th

Tools for clearer consciousness from an avid inner traveler.

Do you every feel like the things you want in life, are somehow right in front of you and just out of reach at the same time? We all want success, joy and fulfillment in life. But, as it turns out, none of those things are possible on the outside if we don't first address the inside. Cara Conroy-Low shares why success in the outer world is actually an 'inside job'. If we want freedom from our baggage, we actually have to unpack it, and Dr Cara will share how.  And, luckily, it turns out, unpacking isn't all doom and gloom, it can actually be a lot of fun. 

About Dr. Cara Conroy-Low

Dr. Cara's background is an Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Cara fell in love with meditation and Buddhist-based therapies in her early twenties. For the past ten years she has continuously trained in dharma, meditation & karma yoga.  Originally from New Zealand, Cara has traveled widely, studying in both Japan and Canada.

The sessions will last about an hours and it's free to attend. We'll also have brunch from Our Daily Brett and discussion to follow for anyone that's interested in staying longer. 


All Done - Journeys with Jay Baydala, March 26th

Jay's journey from a promising career in the world of corporate IT, to becoming the founder and CEO of Goodpin has many twists and turns along the way. There was his charity UEnd:Poverty, ChristmasFuture, his travels throughout the developing world, and a deep dive into the world of minimalism. In his Sunday Session, Jay will share some personal anecdotes and a few of the things he's learned along the way. 

The sessions will last about an hours and it's free to attend. We'll also have brunch from Our Daily Brett and discussion to follow for anyone that's interested in staying longer. 

All Done - Purpose with Kim Wiebe, January 29th 

Kim Wiebe is maybe best known by Calgarians for her incredible yoga classes, but she is also the director of Strength & Soul, an organization that hosts workshops on transformation. For our very first Sunday Session Kim will be sharing some insights on purpose, what it is and what it isn't. 

"Your purpose has nothing to do with what you do. When our purpose is external we may never find it. If we tie our purpose or meaning to our vocation, goal, person or activity, we're likely setting ourselves up for disappointment. Our purpose is to become aware of all that we already are." If you want to learn more about Kim check our her website. 

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