It's kind of like church without the religion part.  

The crazy little brainchild of pals Zach Lyster and Stephanie Kochorek, the Sunday Sessions are church reimagined. Both Zach and Steph loved the idea of getting together with a community on a Sunday morning and talking about big ideas, but neither neither subscribe to any formal system of beliefs or spirituality. Both practice more of an a la carte style of spirituality where new ideas and thoughts are always welcome. And both felt like they wanted to make more room in their lives for those thoughts, concepts and ideas which help us understand and make the most of our lives, and both felt like they'd like to invite a community of people to do that with them. So, The Sunday Sessions. And, because they're making it up as they go along, they'd love to hear from you any thoughts or ideas you'd like to see shared or discussed. You can use the form below or you can just tell them when you show up on Sunday. 


I’m Atheist, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish etc. is that okay?

Of course, everyone is welcome. Your beliefs are yours and yours alone. The Sunday Sessions aren’t about prescribing a set of beliefs but rather sharing in a variety of them. 

Do I have to give anyone any money?


I’m freaked out by meditation. 

Whether you’re a long time meditator or new to the practice our minds at times can feel very uncomfortable.  If you’d prefer to just sit quietly that’s a-okay with us. Although fun fact, sitting quietly is kind of like meditating. 

Can I bring my own coffee?

Of course. We'll also have decaf tea available. 

Can I bring my kids?

We love kids and they are very welcome. At this point we don't have any childcare organized but it is something we're considering. 

Do I have to stay the whole time?

Nope. If you're running on a tight schedule or just aren't feeling it, feel free to make your exit at anytime.